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Cooling Systems

Temperature Measurement 


The TF35 is a resistance thermometer with all the characteristics required for up-to-date temperature management of a mobile working machine. It is a screw-in instrument with an electrical plug connection, manufactured in a particularly compact and robust design. Alongside a large number of difference resistance measuring elements, there is, of course, a wide portfolio of thermowells and process and electrical connections for the TF35.


The TFS35 is a bimetal temperature switch and can be designed as a normally closed or normally open contact. Due to its high transmissive electrical switching power, it can be installed into a load circuit without an interposing relay. This means that neither an additional voltage supply nor a signal input on control electronics is necessary. 


The TF37 offers the technological features of the TF35 for use in mobile working machines. For ever-tighter space requirements at the measuring point, the TF37 is thus designed with a connection cable.