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Fluid Reservoirs

Level Measurement


The RLT is a wear-free magnetic float transducer based on a measuring resistance chain for vertical installation in medium to large vessels. For the RLT there are various measuring lengths and measuring resolutions available, its float can be produced in different geometries and materials. 


The RLS is a contact-free magnetic float switch for vertical mounting in medium to large vessels. It can be produced as normally closed, normally open or change-over contact with up to four switch points at individual heights. For the float, there are various geometries and materials available. 


The HLS-M is a maintenance-free magnetic float switch with compact dimensions for lateral mounting in small to medium-sized vessels. It can be used as a normally closed or a normally open contact. The HLS-M can be made of stainless steel or plastic and is suitable for vessel mounting from the inside or outside. 


The OLS-C, as an optoelectronic level switch, features no moving parts. The OLS-C is manufactured to be particularly robust and compact and suitable for horizontal and also vertical mounting in vessels. It is available as normally closed and normally open contact in various insertion lengths. For controlling the level directly on the vessel, the OLS-C is fitted with an LED display.