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Load Weighing Systems 

Pressure Measurement

The MH-3 is the standard pressure sensor for mobile working machines and has been designed for use in small to medium quantities. It has been based on WIKA thin-film technology in a particularly slender design. With its outstanding reliability, the MH-3 has proven its worth worldwide.


The MH-4 is the state-of-the-art pressure sensor for mobile working machines. It combines mature WIKA thin-film technology and the latest generation of WIKA electronics in an extremely compact design. Both its measuring performance and also its robustness are impressive. For the MH-4, a broad portfolio of output signals, electrical and process connections and also the possibility of customer-specific labeling are standard features. The MH-4 is the most economical solution for the realization of mobile hydraulics systems in medium to high quantities. 

Force Measurement 


The F5301 has been designed for the static and dynamic measurement of bearing forces in pin bearings. The load pins are made from high-strength stainless steel, the force measurement is made via welded-on thin-film sensors. As an OEM product, the F5301 is designed and manufactured in accordance with customer-specific requirements. For optimal connection to the system, there are multitude of signal outputs available.


The F7301 is a tension link for static and dynamic tensile force measurement directly in the flow of forces. It is made from high-strength fine-grain structural steel or stainless steel. State-of-the-art welded-in thin-film elements provide the force measurement. As an OEM product, the F7301 is designed and manufactured specifically to customer requirements. Therefore, a multiplicity of produce execution can be provided in terms of nominal load, geometry and signal output.