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WIKA Value Innovation Workshop

Most companies fight their competition, bloodying the waters, and consequently swimming in a “red ocean.” Meanwhile, innovative companies swim in a “blue ocean” as a result of creating their own market space via innovation. As your partner, we want to help you stop battling competitors and build your own market
space. That’s why WIKA developed the Value Innovation Workshop (VIW) to help you navigate to a competition-free “blue ocean.”

The VIW combines the brainpower of WIKA’s team of
experts with your team of experts from departments such as R&D, engineering, operations, and customer service in a structured, yet creative and collaborative meeting. 

Blue Ocean Strategy

These workshops focus on:

• Eliminating factors that the industry has taken for granted.

• Reducing factors well below the industry’s standard.

• Raising factors well above the industry’s standard.

• Creating factors that the industry has never offered.

Cost reduction is a natural result of eliminating and reducing factors in the industry that are no longer needed or often used. With WIKA’s VIW, you will be able to create and deliver a leap in value for your customers while also reducing your costs, and turning your red waters into a blue ocean.

Call or email the WIKA technical sales staff. Discover the many advantages of a strategic partnership with WIKA in the increasingly crowded market for mobile working machines.

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